In order to keep this community safe and sound, we go by a few simple rules.

Community Rules Edit

Contributors Edit

1. No vandalizing. Vandals will be permenantly banned on sight.

2. No pornographic pictures. We understand that there are underwear models (which will be used on the wiki), but one must keep is as clean as possible when using these type of pictures.

3. Keep your personal information to yourself. This includes addresses, phone numbers, and emails.?

4. Follow our Page Style.

5. Respect authority.?

Admins Edit

1. Admins must always follow the rules above. If any of these rules are broken, any adminship rights will be removed.?

2. Never fail to listen to a regular contributor's opinion. If one is causing trouble, let a superior know.?

3. Do not abuse your power.

4. Always enforce the rules.?

5. Encourage people to edit and contribute.?

6. Edit on a regular basis.?

Applying for Adminship Edit

  • One needs atleast 300 constructive edits.?
  • One needs to edit on a regular basis.?
  • One needs to enforce the rules/wiki contributions.?
  • Help the community on a regular basis.